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Web Sites

DCOM's portfolio

The portfolio includes a web site from an ultra low temperature cooling company, Carl McLean Canada and an Exciting Java puzzle game called TOnline.

The portfolio is available in the menu under portfolio.

Click on this link to hyperlink there.

Java programming

The Java was done by us. We are not currently producing web applications, we may in the future.

We use a diverse collection of web languages and scripts such as CSS & XHTML, CGI, SQL, Active Script, and Java.

Squatter Warning!

warning There are people on the Internet waiting to register your domain name for themselves. Their intention is to sell your domain back to you. Only reveal your domain name to trusted registrars. more...
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Web Packages

We offer a few packages for web site publishing.

  • Business Card
  • Brochure
  • Extended Brochure
  • Standard Site

Business Card Sites

Business card sites are for clients who have less content then a brochure site. These sites are two pages long. This is a good solution for something like a single page presentation like a concert promotion. more...

Brochure Sites

Brochure sites are static pages which include 4 different pages for your site. Brochure sites are most often the solution for the average company. more...

Extended Brochure Sites

Extended brochures are for when a brochure site is too small. More content will help your search rating and improve return on investment. more...

Standard Sites

Standards are for large companies and organizations. This should accommodate a larger amount of content. more...

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Service Comparison
We have inquired about the costs of hosting a site and registering a domain name. In the web comparison we list some of the popular and trustworthy sources for these services. Compare for yourself the benefits and costs. You may want to save that page for future reference. After your site is developed you will need to purchase web space and possibly a domain name. Please keep in mind DCOM Data will handle this aspect unless instructed otherwise. Click this link for more about hosting...
Clients Everywhere

Internationalization is a big event. Be assured DCOM Data has the solutions to create international pages. Your message can be heard by any visitor from cyberspace. Clients can view promotions and pricing from anywhere with Internet access. You need a qualified professional to make your site capable of such a task. more...

SEO Techniques
SEO, or search engine optimization will help your site reach higher in the search ranking. The higher your site is found the more likely it is to get visitors. Proven techniques are applied to help your site become popular. Click for more about SEO.

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