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A domain name is a registered label for the location of your site. There is an involved process with many aspects like DNS. Your domain is an easy to remember name that, when "resolved" will explain where to find your site. domain illustration
If needed, register your domain with a reputable source like GoDaddy but contact DCOM Data first. Once you have the details about your domain DCOM Data will set your site up.

There can only be one instance of a domain name. If your site is already taken you will need to choose another. A word of advice is that you compound your domain name like www.elasticband.com could be www.elasticbandco.com. You could also add numbers, underscores and other characters. Switching an extension might work, like instead of .com you could have .net or .ca.

You can choose from many extensions,

  • .com

  • .org

  • .biz

  • .ca

  • .info

  • .net

Domain names are international. Your same domain name will work anywhere from North America to Asia.

Buying a domain name is inexpensive. See our chart on comparing domain registrars. Some organizations buy multiple similar domains so if the domain was misspelled the user will still reach the correct site. Some find this effective.

You may need to re-register you domain every so often. Go to your registrar when you need to re-register and do so. Keep this in mind.

You can write your URL on just about anything,

  • .stationary

  • .business cards

  • .promotional materials

Once your site is configured and online, users can begin visiting.

Some companies add a .com to the company name such as exact science.com.

Looking for a .com?
If you are in luck or have a longer domain name, you can have a .com! Switching to a .biz or .org site are other options. If you want a site with DCOM Data we will walk you through. Otherwise see our web service comparison. This process is finding a domain name. If your domain isn't available there are other options. See more...
Comprehensive site plans
All aspects such as basic SEO, locating service providers and domain names are included. Further information can be found on the web publishing page. Your search ranking can affect success. DCOM Data uses SEO or search engine optimization. Through the use of SEO technologies your site can be more successful. more.
Wow, I'm international.
Yes, with a site from DCOM Data clients from around the world can view your pages. DCOM Data is familiar with such sites. Internationalization is an intimidating event but with a DCOM Data site your international site is in good hands. more...

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