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Once your page is officially on the Internet, people from all parts of the world will have access to your site. You should understand your site will be online and use it to promote and sell your services.

DCOM Data is a company that designs pages for use internationally. We build capability to handle differences involved in such a project. Problems arise when the site is viewed from a foreign location. DCOM Data is ready with proactive solutions for these problems such as,

  • Currency
  • Language
  • Dates and Times

No matter where your client is, if you have a site, they can find your literature, price quotes and whatever else you post online. This creates a good scenario for a potential client. Your URL or address is a connection to your client. Anywhere there is internet access you will have representation. This brings an ease to finding and purchasing a service for the client.

The message from your organization will be heard on the web. Any services you provide will be found on the same medium, internationally.

  • libraries
  • wi-fi hot spots
  • overseas
  • business and home

With web marketing, the need for circulation of promotions and services will be lessened. The web is a great tool when promoting offers and getting your message out. This makes less work with,

  • circulation of promotions
  • customer support
  • sales information

Important news can be made international with a quick update. Communication is a great advantage. When using the web, information is made known almost instantly.

If you plan to be going international you may be interested in mirror sites. Mirror sites are web hosting in different locations. The major method of dealing with slow connections is to use mirror sites. Only concern yourself with mirrors if you have a need for many users, very large sites or if you have noticed a connection speed issue.

Looking for a .com?
If you are in luck or have a longer domain name, you can have a .com! Switching to a .biz or .org site are other options. If you want a site with DCOM Data we will walk you through. Otherwise see our web service comparison. This process is finding a domain name. If your domain isn't available there are other options. See more...
Comprehensive site plans
All aspects such as basic SEO, locating service providers and domain names are included. Further information can be found on the web publishing page. Your search ranking can affect success. DCOM Data uses SEO or search engine optimization. Through the use of SEO technologies your site can be more successful. more.
Wow, I'm international.
Yes, with a site from DCOM Data clients from around the world can view your pages. DCOM Data is familiar with such sites. Internationalization is an intimidating event but with a DCOM Data site your international site is in good hands. more...

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