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SEO or search engine optimization is a technology that assists your site to rank higher in web searches. With our SEO package DCOM Data utilizes SEO to improve your ranking in most searches.

SEO will add a charge of $49 per page for pages created by us.
*If you used another web publisher email us for a quote

When a user visits a major search engine and searches for topics, the search engine will query it's database using the topics suggested and return a list of results. The user sees the list and begins visiting pages in the list. SEO will help your page rank higher in the search listing. SEO will also make your listing more likely to be selected.

The higher you rank the more attention is paid to your site. The first pages of a search are the ones most often visited. SEO will help you achieve this goal.

SEO is applied for an extra charge. It should be purchased with your site plan but could be added to an existing site or a site from another web publisher.

Keywords can be text in your site, meta tags and your site title itself. Your keywords should help users find and identify your site. DCOM Data will add this data themselves. Basic keywords are added as part of your web packages.

We use tools like meta information, directory listings, robot guidance, link management and deep submission. With our SEO plan, If clients are interested, we can arrange a free consultation about PPC (Pay Per Click) of PFR (Pay For Ranking) agreements with appropriate vendors. This will help advertise your site. With a DCOM Data SEO plan you can be assured your site is well optimized.

Searches are made when a user types a list of keywords in a search engine and submits the search. The search server computer will take the keywords and compare them against the keywords stored in the database. Upon completion all the pages that match the keywords are displayed on the results sheet.

"Spiders" are programs (most often run by search companies) that search the web manually page by page. As they travel through the net, they find web sites. When they do, they make a note of all the relevant information like links, keywords and other facts. This data is stored in a database to be matched with a search engine.

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Existing sites could also benefit from an SEO plan. Even if you don't purchase a site from us you could still consider applying our SEO to a site from another web publisher. Just contact us.

Looking for a .com?
If you are in luck or have a longer domain name, you can have a .com! Switching to a .biz or .org site are other options. If you want a site with DCOM Data we will walk you through. Otherwise see our web service comparison. This process is finding a domain name. If your domain isn't available there are other options. See more...
Comprehensive site plans
All aspects such as basic SEO, locating service providers and domain names are included. Further information can be found on the web publishing page. Your search ranking can affect success. DCOM Data uses SEO or search engine optimization. Through the use of SEO technologies your site can be more successful. more.
Wow, I'm international.
Yes, with a site from DCOM Data clients from around the world can view your pages. DCOM Data is familiar with such sites. Internationalization is an intimidating event but with a DCOM Data site your international site is in good hands. more...

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