All prices include copywriting, SEO and responsivness

so your site looks good everywhere and helps you sell online

Plan One
The first plan is geared toward public notices like concerts and wedding announcments and more basic sites. This is a very basic service but some clients just want to get word out about something. Even though the price for this plan is its lowest all our sites are worldclass. This site is just one page. We offer plan one.
$250 - $399 CAD*
$150 - $240 CAD* Sale Price

Plan Two
The second plan is for clients who wish to have an array of pages linked together. Some advantages are a more structured look and oppertuny for more content. This is good if you are looking for a step up from the first plan. The more content you can pack into your site the better.
$360 - $799 CAD*
$260 - $479 CAD* Sale Price

Plan Three
The third plan provides the ability to conduct ecommerce to sell products and services online. Services like Paypal and Stripe can let your online presence accept major credit cards. Options like search engines and product pages are available. For this we suggest a CMS solution so you can change your site and product prices and other details youself with us and whenever you want.
$899 - $1,499 CAD*
$420 - $900 CAD* Sale Price

Plan Four
The fourth plan involves us providing bulleten board forums or advanced blogs. We can offer about any related feature or detail like comments, user accounts or sticky topics. Usually web developers would use CMS technologies but here we offer a far more advanced solution that provides a classy job with any feature you want, quickly.
$899 - $1,599 CAD*
$420 - $960 CAD* Sale Price

Metrics Upgrade
The metrics upgrade will add a wide assortment of metrics for your site. What people search for, if an account hasn't had much activity recently, most popular pages or products, just about anything. You can see a small limited example of this on the High End Auto Toronto site in our portfolio.
$399 - $1,899 CAD*
$240 - $1,140 CAD* Sale Price

Android Applications
We develop expert, state of the industry Android applications. The applications we produce can be distributed through the Google Play store. There are many reasons to have an app produced such as being more in touch with your users even offering a new service or great game.
$599 - $4,800 CAD
$359 - $2,880 CAD* Sale Price

*All prices are approximate
*Prices subject to change

If you require site upgrades or internet marketing

we offer great deals on marketing and service

Type of Service Cost Sale Price
SEO Overhaul $299 CAD* $180 CAD*
Site Redesign $99-$999 CAD* $60-$600 CAD*
Email Marketing $499 CAD* $200 CAD*
Social Media Marketing $399 CAD* $240 CAD*
*Prices subject to change.

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