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We offer completly free no-strings-attached estimates. Click here to arrange a meeting. You could learn more below.

Limited Time Offer.

For a limited time only we offer a a quality, enterprise class web site for 60% off. This only applies to the first five sites we build for our clients.
Ordinarily, a very basic site will go for over $10,000
A generious combination of advanced technologies are used to build your web site. Your site will be a hugely creative, technological, beautiful and original site. We only work on one or two sites at a time and this offer won't last. We cannot accept rain cheques for this offer unfortunately.

Web Design.

We do mobile ready, sound development from the ground up. Every detail is important to us and you. Our sites are all mobile ready so they work on just about any device and browser.
We do one or two sites at a time, so full attention will be on your site
We hand select all the colours and fonts ourselves, your opinion matters. There is no limit to the amount of content you can provide. Create web pagesCatalogues, menus, product shots, any photography, artwork, literature, logos, just about anything. We can provide any copywriting, design, photography or artwork ourselves if you wish. We advocate a "Light Box" for the page to exhibit your beautiful images of people enjoying your product, any special occasions, milestones, artwork or just about any reason to take a photo. "Product" pages are to showcase your products or services. These are especially important to represent your product or service when you use ecommerce. A "contact" page usually contain a map, some shots of your storefront, directions, address, phone numbers and a protected email form so you don't need to expose your email address. For ecommerce we offer shopping carts and checkouts. Search engines are essential for a large knowledge base or some products you offer.

Site Example. Web design costs One application we designed for exhibition is High End Auto Toronto. Click here to visit High End Auto Toronto. This site is for a fictitious company. This site is open to the public so the default administration login credentials should appear when you visit the login page. The metrics on the administration side of the site are all available for your web presence. We could have added more or different metrics if requested, the sky is the limit.

Advanced Example. Web design costs Sometimes clients will want more than a website. You may have heard of services online like Airbnb or Uber. We love when companies, like this, contact us because we can shine brilliantly when doing these. Got a good idea for a web application? Contact us! You may be suprised at how affordable it is. You too can cash in online. Not only can we develop your site we can manage the online marketing like social media or email campaigns. A strong administrator extension could give you nearly endless essential site feedback. Just login as an administrator on the "High End Auto Toronto" application in our portfolio to see an example of the administration side in action.


Paypal logoWith ecommerce web visitors can purchace things with online transactions, like an online store. You have the option to bundle ecommerce capabilities to your web presence. We will handle selecting your credit merchant unless you have a preference. PayPal is a good one. The entire upgrade will introduce the shopping cart experience. If user profiles are bundled shopping carts are saved with the user account so when they return and login. Once logged in they assume their account with their payment details and they can recover their shopping cart.
Just about any major credit card will be accepted
A great way to sell products is adding a wishlist feature. Wishlists can earmark products so returning clients can remember something they wanted to purchase. If something on a client's wishlist goes on sale it is a good time to notify them. A public wishlist can encourage their friends and family to buy the client things on their wishlist as a gift. Ecommerce will yield a great amount of data you can analyze and act on using a bundled a administrative backend. It can do such things as list most popular items, how many items sold online and sales over time. Click here for details about an administrator account.

Referral Plans.

You can earn some cash by sourcing a client for us. If a client you reffered purchaces some services from us you are eliegable for 8% of the client's total first purchace. Know someone who could use a professional, elegent, well priced web presence?

Marketing & SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization. Our staff are trained in SEO techniques.
Google is the most competitive platform, but there are many more. Youtube, Twitter, Google App Store all use one form or another of search engine.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google App Store, popular forums and many others are sources of traffic. Keep your social media SEO high by sending notifications by email or social media when you have a new product or service or suffer a lull in sales. We will consult with our clients regarding SEO, marketing and their content. Google search is the most competitive source of traffic. We leverage SEO techniques when working with Google search. Create web pages Email marketing is a great source of traffic. If you have a special event or offer we encourage our clients to inform their market through email, social media and on their web site. Your web site most often hinges on conversions. Conversions could be a Youtube subscribe or an online product purchase. Your web site should show the visitors where to buy your product. A "sales funnel" is meant to drive visitors to buy your service or product. We will manage your online marketing with you during the design. Interested in online advertising? Email or social media campaigns? Let us help.

Site Feedback. We will create custom designed charts. graphs, statements, tables and figures for your site if you include them in the qoute. These site would be situated in your administrator section online. To access them, login as an administrator. Site analytics This creates a robust application that provides details about your visitor traffic. Along with Google Analytics we can provide more relevent, compiled and pertaining metrics. If your site has members we can offer ways of monitoring or managing them. If your site has a search engine there is much to be discovered with queries. If your site has ecommece you should know everything like "How many visitors visited this page?" or "What was my online sales this month?

Social Media. Android logoPages like Facebook and Twitter are a premium spot for building your brand, getting your word out there and gaining a following. These are great places to spread word about your latest special event. We will work with you to work the marketing in regards to social media. Creating an email list and keeping your clients in the loop with literature or events is a great idea. Again, we will manage this ourselves if you need this sort of feature, unless you wish to perform this yourself.


When creating a web presence there is always to question of "why doesn't it look good on my device?" We take care of all this. Your site should look good regardless of device, OS, browser, orientation and so on. We test your site with a wide array of configurations. The practice of making your web presence compatible is "responsiveness". Your site should always look its best.

Android Development.

Android logoAn Android application is tailor made to perform at optimum with Android devices. Android development is not always necessary. It will however also bring business from the Google App Store. Responsive sites look good but fall short of the compatibility native Android applicaitons have. All sites we offer are responsive. Once we design your software you are free to sell it or distribute it for free at the Google App Store. We will assist you in getting your application online at the Google App Store. All our apps are custom designed using industry standard Android Studio.

User Profiles.

Individual user accountsThere is much user profiles can offer. The user can upload a bit about themselves, payment information, history with your site, access to more of your site, contact information or more. Often users can upload images as avatars. Shopping carts can be assigned to users. Some great marketing is building a wishlist, both private and public, for users. You can track users around your site. Find what they search for and what products they most often view or purchase. Even if you only get their email address you can use email marketing to attract them. Users can add a comment, upvote an article or subscribe to an author.
Profiles let visitors create accounts they can then login to, then build and customize.

Managing Your Content.

Managing CMS content management
If you change content more or less often you should take note of this. If we find this will be beneficial to you, we will most often suggest it.
Another feature to give you huge control over your pages is CMS. CMS stands for "Content Management System". This will give you an admininstrator part of the site where you can login and change on your own. Say you have a deal for half price drinks or you want to remove or add a vehicle to your fleet, you can do this yourself. Yep, you don't need to DCOM Data or anyone. There is potential for virtually full content management using this technique.

Administrator Accounts.

Managing CMS content managementYou can create and manage an administrator account on your website. We will add a division of the site where, with the right credentials, an administrator can login and manage.
This will deliver statistics like our High End Auto Toronto portfolio page. They will also manage user accounts and so on.
Here you can manage your user accounts, sales, site activity and more. With user accounts you can change details like address and shopping cart, disable and delete accounts, track user traffic around your site, and so on. Using our content management solutions you can add a new fleet vehicle to the web, add an event like half price spinach bruchetta to your online menu without needing us to change it for you. Click here to learn more about the content management system. With the right features there is a great amount your online space can do for you. You can get metrics from your search engine, products, click paths, busy hours, the success of special promotions, sales figures, what isn't working with your site and so on.

Customer Service.

With an online presence you have the capability to answer people's questions online. You could have anything from a brief FAQ or a large knowledge base complete with a search engine. You will spend less time answering phone calls. This will also make it convenient for people to locate information from your organization. We almost always suggest to add a location, phone number, email form, hours of operation and so on

Site Costs.

Our basic sites start at about $159 CAD. The sites pack incredible function and technology, advanced techniques and original, strikingly artistic design. Sites like Squarespace and Wix offer cheap, quick web pages. But they are fit for small mom and pop businesses. Those site creator tools usually have basic features that require additional money to apply. We can source quality, creative, original licensed photography and artwork if you need it. With a site from us you can bet it will build your brand. All through the project we keep you in the loop by communicating with you and should always feel free to contact us at anytime for any reason.

Maintenance. Sites sometimes require maintenance. We offer a price as seen in the plans page. It is good to keep your web site content fresh. Things like sporting events, holidays and just because your old look is stale you may want to book time to have us do a little modification. You could invest in having us create a bulk email or a social media message. The technologies used to build your site may become obsolete. If that happens just book some time and we will do an upgrade. The technologies used to build your site become obsolete. If this happens we can swiftly get full support back

Web Hosting. Android logo When work is complete on your site, you need to "host" it online. We will usually take care of this ourselves. Most often we choose a good, reputable, low cost host like GoDaddy. All this is done so your web site has a place to stay on the internet to attract visitors. Something like this would only cost about $15 a month. If you prefer an alternative hosting company, we can accomidate this. As mentioned earlier we can handle this for you with the purchase of a web presence.

Domain Names. Web design costs One of the first things that happens when developing a site is choosing a good domain name. Unfortunitly, many domains are already taken. If your domain is already taken you can use a similar name like instead of "" you could have "". Domains are inexpensive, costing about 20$ annualy. Most often we deal with Network Solutions as they are very trustworthy. If you have a different registrar we can use another. We don't advise buying a domain before consulting with us first.

Squatter Warning.

There are individuals who want to steal your domain name and sell it back to you at a high price. The term used to describe them is "squatters". Before your site is properly registered, you should keep it to yourself. I have had clients come to me asking why someone registered their domain name and I have to give them the bad news. There are several reputable registrars out there like and However, you need not worry, we will do this part ourselves. The cost is very low. About $20 CAD annually. If your domain is already registered there are options. You could take a domain like "' instead use "". When you consult with us this will all be resolved.

Technical Details.

Web design costsOk, here's the technical part. We leverage full stack MERN, Laravel or CakePHP. Version control is often used when developing a site. Unit testing can be done to prevent bugs. Several DevOps measures are in place. We use CSS3, CSS preprocessor, ES7, HTML5, PHP, HTML templating, D3, SVG, Mongo, ORMs. SQL.
We are very technical and creative, professionals concur.
If there is a technology we didn't list and we don't know it, we could train IT to help you.

Globe illustration

Is my site performing?

Responcive design is the process of testing web presences against all types of browsers, their versions, different operating systems, various hardware configurations and so on. All our sites are responsive.


CMS stands for content managment services. By adding CMS services you can modify most elements of your site yourself. No need to call the developers to change details for your site

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