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CMS is Content Management Systems. It gives you the ability to change aspects of your site. You could change a price, description, declare an item unavailable or many other changes. It is all about being able to change your site quickly, easily, free and anytime without needing to learn complex web design. With the CMS option you simply need to press buttons and fill out fields to make your changes. Any further questions we could answer by clicking here and sending us mail.

We do offer custom designed CMS solutions. If you are an organization with a need for regular maintenance you may be interested in a content management system. This CMS could seriously reduce or eliminate the need for site maintenance. Keep in mind we only recommend CMS for compatible sites with need for regular updating.

This panel will be available 24/7 with your assigned user name and password. Just log in and manage. The CMS panel is easy and free to use. If you bought this feature from DCOM Data we will explain how to use it.

You may have heard of CMS among web development options. There are web development companies that offer this service but most offer an unofficial, preexisting, publicly distributed type. Our CMS services are customized. Public CMS systems tend to be ineffective and prone to error. Adding CMS to your site would involve DCOM Data to develop using some more advanced scripting languages but we will handle the details. We are one of the few web design companies that offer custom CMS services. If you had your site developed by another company we may possibly be able to convert your web site to a format we could add CMS to. If you wish to ask for a quote click here and request one.

I'm looking for a site.
There are several types of sites. View our different site plans Including "Business Card" and "Brochure" sites. Extra pages and features may be added at an additional cost. more...
If you are a contractor or subcontractor and wish to network with us, see the contacts page. A good contracting network is beneficial to everyone involved. To contact us directly click here.
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See DCOM Data before selecting web services. We will help you find the right plans. Life after design, locating service providers could be done by a knowledgeable person but otherwise we will offer support with our site plan. We will contract and advise for your project. We will accept questions regarding web development. We are perfect for out-sourced workload. If you need help to finish a project don't hesitate to click here to contact us.

I am looking for web services and/or a domain name. What should it cost and where should I get one?

See our comparison. more...

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