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These are temporary prices only. Limited raincheques will be issued.

Web presences are web sites for organizations or individuals. This is a way of getting you online.

  • Business card sites are up to two pages. They are for organizations with a very small amount of content. These sites are relatively inexpensive but unsuitable for anything other then a small amount of content. They are good for things like concert advertisements, public documents or a single page "business card".
  • Brochure sites include up to 4 pages. This creates an online presence. A simple yet effective method of "getting on the 'net". These sites are typically built like a menu or flyer. Here you can list prices, ordering information or a message from your organization. Usually with a web hosting package you will receive e-mail addresses. This is the most popular site style.
  • Extended brochure sites are just that. They are typically composed of about 9 pages. Business is going online and this is a great method for a business. You can list any information you want made publicly accessible, 24/7, world-wide. A web site adds to a marketing campaign.
  • Standard sites are similar to the extended brochure site but considerably larger. This type of site is to contain a larger amount of content.
  • If you have a smaller or larger job you need done let us know.
*A page is considered 3 800x600 screens of content.

Business Card SiteUp to 2 Pages Included$269* CAD
Brochure Web SiteUp to 4 Pages Included$520* CAD
Extended Brochure SiteUp to 9 Pages Included$1,050* CAD
Standard SiteUp to 20 Pages Included$1,950* CAD

$225* CAD per extra home page
$70* CAD per extra page

$29.00* per hour of PHP/SQL/Active Script

Leased Site -- 3.9%* /month
*All prices are approximate. Contact us for a quote.

Before you can get a domain (www.yourdomain.com) you need to buy one from a registrar. See the page web comparison under the services category. We recommend you let us do this for you.

View our maintenance options for solutions to keep your site current.

Images that are provided with your web page are licensed from stock photography sources. Extra charges will be added to your invoice for the licensing.

When searching for a domain on the internet beware of squatters. These people will find the site you want to purchase, purchase it themselves and charge you its return. Try and keep your domain name away from people who would wish to steal it. Only register your domain with trusted registrars.

I still don't know which package I should choose? Contact DCOM .

I'm looking for a site.
There are several types of sites. View our different site plans Including "Business Card" and "Brochure" sites. Extra pages and features may be added at an additional cost. more...
If you are a contractor or subcontractor and wish to network with us, see the contacts page. A good contracting network is beneficial to everyone involved. To contact us directly click here.
•   Before you continue!

See DCOM Data before selecting web services. We will help you find the right plans. Life after design, locating service providers could be done by a knowledgeable person but otherwise we will offer support with our site plan. We will contract and advise for your project. We will accept questions regarding web development. We are perfect for out-sourced workload. If you need help to finish a project don't hesitate to click here to contact us.

I am looking for web services and/or a domain name. What should it cost and where should I get one?

See our comparison. more...

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