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Bronze Plan1 Hours per MonthFull Support$22 CAD
Silver Plan3 Hours per MonthFull Support$62 CAD
Gold Plan8 Hours per MonthFull Support$160 CAD
Extreme Plan16 Hours per MonthFull Support$320 CAD

To subscribe to a plan you will need to commit to a minimum of three months of service. With your service you will also get unlimited email support and consultations. After your subscription is over you may choose to re-subscribe. Be aware your hours expire at the end of each month.

With your plan you will get a certain number of hours free for updating and site service. If you need more service then your plan allows, the charge is $29.00 per hour billed by the minute.

There are those sites that don't need regular updating or service. If you don't know which plan is best or need help choosing your plan contact DCOM Data by clicking here.

I'm looking for a site.
There are several types of sites. View our different site plans Including "Business Card" and "Brochure" sites. Extra pages and features may be added at an additional cost. more...
If you are a contractor or subcontractor and wish to network with us, see the contacts page. A good contracting network is beneficial to everyone involved. To contact us directly click here.
•   Before you continue!

See DCOM Data before selecting web services. We will help you find the right plans. Life after design, locating service providers could be done by a knowledgeable person but otherwise we will offer support with our site plan. We will contract and advise for your project. We will accept questions regarding web development. We are perfect for out-sourced workload. If you need help to finish a project don't hesitate to click here to contact us.

I am looking for web services and/or a domain name. What should it cost and where should I get one?

See our comparison. more...

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