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We are always looking for contractors to network. For employment or otherwise send a portfolio or contact us.

If you are a contractor see the contracting page under services.

  • We are looking for CG artists regarding web design. Send your portfolio.

  • We offer technological services, see contracting.
  • Technical support staff are welcome to apply by e-mail to this

  • Contractors are always in demand. Send an application.

  • Are you an advanced web developer? we would like to hear from you! An applicant must be familiar with technologies like XML,Active Scripting, CGI and engineering processes.

  • Any other related services are welcome for review.

If you have a special case or arrangement please contact us and we will negotiate. Otherwise the pricing guide under the services category is standard.

If you have a resume, contract offer, portfolio or training, send these to DCOM Data. We will review your qualifications or offer and you will be contacted soon. A portfolio is a preferred asset.

We specialize in web design but are familiar with languages such as Java. See our game TOnline from our portfolio. That game was written in Java and designed by DCOM Data.

While not officially handling Java development, we may be able to provide some solutions.

Examples Online.
DCOM Data has a portfolio on display under the portfolio selection in the navigation bar menu. The sites on display were written and published by DCOM Data. You may find a game of TOnline entertaining. Again this option is under portfolio, in the navigation bar, at the top of your screen.more...
Why a Web Page?
This and more questions in our FAQ. There you will find answers to many general questions. Reading this will help you know more about owning a web page. I have a general question. See the FAQ.
We are accepting contracts, staff and contractors. If you would like to network with DCOM Data or are looking for employment we would like to hear from you! We are accepting applications for technical support agents, CG artists and talented web publishers. We are currently only a general web design company. In the future we may open to other services. If you fit this category send us mail.

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